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Then I always save that perticular txt-file. That way I never misstype or forgett the new info just created. I used the same process when setting up AxCrypt.

Copying and pasting isn’t the best way to do things because sometimes the clipboard isn’t populated with the new data and it pastes in something else.

Is there any possibility that you copied in a leading/trailing space?


If there is any other chance what so ever on recovering this vital document I am happy to try, do or pay (almost) anything.

No. AxCrypt is engineered specifically so there is no backdoor.

If you’ve forgotten or mis-typed or pasted something different as your password then there’s no way in. It would take you hundreds of billions of years to crack it by brute force.

If you might have forgotten/mis-copied a single letter/number/symbol then you might (and the possibility is remote) be able to recover it using a tool especially built for this. Don’t get too excited – if your clipboard contained other data then this tool will not work for you. It would take longer than the life of the universe to crack an AxCrypt password.

In the future never use a text file to store your passwords. Use an independent password manager like KeePass which will securely save, input and generate passwords for you.