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Svante write: “Encrypting & anonymizing in one step might be supported in the future, although we really do try to keep the number of options down…”

I am used to write long and descriptive filenames making manual and digital search for specific files much more easier.
But than they are much more exposed for others too. So anonymizing by renaming is in many cases a must.
And every time after encryption where I have to go back again to the context menu for the renaming operation I wonder how come that a most basic need such as a coupled encrypting-renaming process is considered a luxury in the leading encryption software ExCrypt.

I wrote the developer about this  issue a couple of years ago when ExCrypt 2 was under development and got a similar answer as stated above.  I couldn’t understand it then, and not now. Common, it is all about one additional line in the menu! Keeping the number of options down is nice when some rare demand is on the table, but not something that I am (and probably many users too) are doing several times per hour!.
I even considered the usage of another software (Kruptus) that does enable a choice between separated or combined encryption\renaming. But got back to ExCrypt due to its excellent  reliability.
In brief, irritating..