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Even CCleaner’s wipe free space feature at 7 passes was still not enough for hinder Glarysoft from recovering them…and that’s AFTER I shredded them!

Forget it.

Software wiping is nowhere near as good as it used to be. Modern hard drives (especially SSDs) make it impossible to securely remove all traces.

Go away and shred the drive (in an industrial shredder), incinerate it, demagnetise it or pulp it if it’s “undesirable” for people to see your file names.

Don’t waste your time with software solutions. It’s well-known amongst technical experts that what you’re seeking to do is impossible.

If you’re not prepared to physically destroy your drive, we can’t help you.

The alternative, which you should be using anyway, is full disk encryption. Then only people with your BitLocker password can unlock your hard drive to run forensic tools.

Don’t want to encrypt your hard drive? Physically destroy the drive.