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Uncle Fester


BCWipe is just a glorified commercial version of the free Eraser.

Whether one deletes the MFT or not doesn’t prevent forensic utilities like X-Ways from recovering the data. Modern hard drives can’t be sanitised in the same way that their grandfathers could. Carl didn’t go into the reasons but he’s right and you can find a plethora of papers out there explaining the different forensic recovery techniques.

Jetico, manufacturers of BCWipe, make a number of other utilities. Whilst I don’t wish to be unkind to them their free and paid encryption options have a number of vulnerabilities frequently exploited by professional forensics recovery teams. One of their encryption programs has an implementation flaw which means AES can be cracked in under 10 minutes.

I don’t know how Jetico make their money because, despite their claims, they have no US government contracts and their software isn’t up to scratch.