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To paste a screenshot Larry, press the PrtScr button on your keyboard, press WinKey + R, type pbrush, press enter and then paste (CTRL + V) your image. Save it somewhere and then insert it on here by pressing the button indicated.

“It simply puts in my email address and asks for my password, and when I put in the password I had for the old Axcrypt version it shows a red exclamation point that opens to say it’s an incorrect password.”

You’re not using AxCrypt 2 correctly; Hugh gave some very clear instructions and you’ve not said if you’ve received your confirmation email? If you haven’t then this confirms that you’ve not signed up to AxCrypt 2.

You’re welcome to use your AxCrypt 1 password with AxCrypt 2 but you must register (for free) as an AxCrypt 2 user. Then, type in your AxCrypt 1 password twice to confirm it.

You say if I reset the password I’ll lose all the encrypted files I had in the old version?  This is terrible.  My password is correct, unless somehow Axcrypt new version changed it.  I certainly didn’t.  

What Hugh said was that you’ll lose access to the files if you’ve forgotten your old password. That’s the only reason why you’d need to ‘Reset’ your password. If you later remember your old password then you’d be able to access the old files.

AxCrypt 2 hasn’t changed anything. AxCrypt is encryption; AxCrypt doesn’t know your password and obviously cannot change something it doesn’t know. Thousands of people use AxCrypt without difficulty.

I suspect what has happened is that you’ve failed to sign up to AxCrypt 2 based on the new information you’ve now provided.

If I uninstall the Axcrypt 2 version that I just installed, is there any way I can get the old version 1 back, along with all the encrypted files that were in it and the old password?


If you’ve forgotten your password (you say you haven’t) then your files are lost forever.

Try the instructions above and sign up to AxCrypt 2 using your old AxCrypt 1 password.

If you’re still having difficulties you must upload a screenshot.