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Most of those shredders can do the MFT, including CCleaner.  So in testing this out, I “shredded” using Axcrypt followed by CCleaner wiping free space and MFT 7 passes.  Glarisoft recovered files with names intact but, as I said before, none of them could be opened.  It wasn’t until actually using Glarisoft to shred them, that Glarisoft was unable to recover them…and at that I used their 10-pass option.

So, Eraser was mentioned in a reply.  It’s interesting that with all the reviews I’m seeing about that one and others like it, I’m very surprised that you guys are implying that even Eraser (when using Guttman’s passes) is still not effective!

And by the way, I have to delete many previous versions of files at work, which I’ve chosen to do using Axcrypt for years, and eventually follow up at times with a CCleaner wipe.  And so it just so happened that this morning Axcrypt decided to not finish it’s job when walking through it’s “Secure Delete” for one particular file.  So it bothers me that I’ve been using this stuff for years and have only just now tested the efficacy of the “shredding” I’ve been doing (with undesirable results)…and to have this randomly happen with Axcrypt now too.  Just not getting the warm fuzzies anymore.

Axcrypt decided to not finish Secure Delete