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Hello Mari,

Thank you for your input. We’d love to please everyone, but as it stands we simply don’t have the resources to work on version 1 as well. The source is out there, but apparently although over 20 million people have tried and used AxCrypt 1, not a single one of them have felt that it’s worth the time and effort to continue working on version 1 either… The source code is out there, so anyone with the right skills certainly could do it!

Right now, I can’t suggest a replacement – but we are working on making the AxCrypt 2 experience being improved as we go along.

For what it’s worth – we’ve received many comments to the effect of “I was initially disappointed like so many others by version 2, but after using it a while I realize that the changes are actually an improvement”.

So, you might also want to give it a try…