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Hi Troy.

Multi-factor Authentication doesn’t work with encryption. That’s why companies like LastPass can bypass MFA to get into their users’ vaults!

LastPass can’t read their users’ decrypted data because it’s encrypted with only a password the user knows but LastPass staff can activate or deactivate MFA at will. If LastPass staff can deactivate MFA, so can hackers.

That’s why AxCrypt doesn’t (and won’t) use MFA, it makes no sense.

Using MFA to secure your emails makes perfect sense but that’s because you’re accessing data stored on your email provider’s servers.

As AxCrypt <b>never </b>store your files on their servers MFA won’t protect you from anything. If you use a weak password, hackers will break in because MFA is trivial to deactivate.

The only protection from hackers is a long, strong, unique password.