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You write “AxCrypt DELETED all my files and then when I tried to restore them, my disk formatted. I was encrypting my data dvds.“.

I am sorry that you appear to have lost data, but from your description of the incident, this is not likely to be the fault of AxCrypt.

AxCrypt will of course delete the original files, but only after they have been successfully encrypted. That’s kind of the point of AxCrypt.

The clincher here however is your statement “when I tried to restore them, my disk formatted“. Now, I don’t know what you were attempting to do when you tried to restore them – but whatever it was, it has nothing to do with AxCrypt. Also, AxCrypt does not contain code that is capable of formatting a disk, so while AxCrypt may bugs causing it to misbehave it is to some extent limited in how badly it can misbehave. One way it’s limited, is that if it does not have code to format a disk, which it does not, such code cannot be executed under any reasonable circumstance even accidentally. AxCrypt did not format your disk.

Another thing that raises questions here is your statement “I was encrypting my data dvds.“. Once again, I can’t tell exactly what you were doing, but a DVD is typically a read-only medium – even if it is a DVD RW, it requires special software to be written. It is not transparent. So, to understand what was going on, this part of the process needs further explanation. Just where did AxCrypt come into the picture?