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James Hipp

i have windows 7pro and use axcrypt 2.1.1543.  i had the same problem as others here, with the C:\Users\jrhipp\AppData\Local\AxCrypt folder holding 56 folders, each folder containing 1 unencrypted file that i had previously opened and closed.  these folders with unencrypted copies of my encrypted files were never deleted, never disappeared, and could not be cleaned.  finally, i deleted all 56 folders, restarted the computer and now axcrypt 2.1.1543 seems to be working fine.  if i open an encrypted file, a new folder with an unencrypted copy of the file, shows up in the appdata\local\axcrypt folder.  when i close the encrypted file, the temp folder with the unencrypted copy of the file in the   appdata\local\axcrypt folder disappears as it should.   Also, exactly how is the broom/cleaning option supposed to work?  does this only come into play if the temp folder with the unencrypted copy is NOT deleted upon closing the open file?  every open file shows that it needs to be cleaned until the file is closed….then the broom symbol disappears and the option is grayed out and inactive.  is this how it’s supposed to work?  anyway axcrypt appears to working now even though i don’t know why the original temp folders would not delete automatically.   thanks