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Hello Mark,

Unfortunately there is much that is unclear in your description of the problem, I’m fairly sure you’ve left some things out – like the fact that you apparently reset your password yesterday, twice. From what we can see, you’ve been using AxCrypt for a little over a year, perhaps you used AxCrypt 1 before then. AxCrypt 2 did not exist 4 years ago.

From our logs it looks like you’ve been successfully using AxCrypt for a long time – but yesterday you started using the wrong password, and was denied access and as a result you issued a password reset.

This will allow you to sign in, but not to decrypt files encrypted with the original password.

You should also proababy upgrade your version of AxCrypt, it appears you’re using an outdated one (it won’t solve your problem, but it’s still a good idea).

Try to remember what password you normally use. The brain is funny this way, sometimes it just forgets. True story: literally yesterday, I had to log on to my Mac which I’ve had for almost a year – and suddenly I could not for the life of me remember the last part of the password! I had to go to the password manager and look it up. This a password I’ve been using almost daily. We have several cases of users also suddenly mixing up passwords – i.e. using the right password in the wrong place. It’s happened to me personally as well, but I’ve caught on after a couple of failed attempts.

If the above does not help,  please take a screen shot of the situation. How to take a screenshot on your PC is explained here: .