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Hello Ian,

We investigated this error message before, and this is a message about a bad response from a request to a web server. We have checked and it’s not our server which is responding in the wrong way.

Notice the message is “UTF-8” is not a supported encoding name. Double double quotes. What’s happening seems to be that someone is intercepting and changing the response to send an encoding with the name “UTF-8” instead of UTF-8. The encoding name should be without quotes. The error message displays the encoding name withing it’s own quotes – so there it’s double double quotes. It’s a little meta subtle so to speak, but it’s out of our control as far as we understand the issue!

The most likely reason for this is that the user is behind some kind of firewall or other hardware or software which actually rewrites the request – and does this incorrectly. Our server is not responding with encoding name within quotes, something else is we think.