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Peter Cronas

For many years I’ve used version 1.7 of AxCrypt and have been very pleased with the ease of use and with what I judge to be very effective security.  I’m running a Windows 10 64bit Pro system.  One of my principal AxCrypt uses is for a master list of user-ids, passwords, secret questions, etc., etc. This file is an Excel (Office 2013) workbook that is password protected and then encrypted using AxCrypt.  As a consequence in order to open this file I must enter the unique AxCrypt password I created for it and once that p/w has been entered correctly I must then enter the unique p/w I set up in Excel when I first created the file.

With version 2.1.xx of AxCrypt my unique and very strong AxCrypt p/w for this file is no more.  I can’t get to any of my encrypted files unless I log into AxCrypt first and then I can enter the P/W for the Word or Excel file that has it’s own unique password.  So I’ve gone from two very strong and unique passwords in ver. 1.7 to a master password for all AxCrypt encrypted files plus a p/w for the MS Office file that I need to open.  As far as I’m concerned this is a step backward that makes my sensitive files less secure than they were before.  In addition if I have 5 encrypted MS Office files none of which has an Office password the result is that all 5 files have the same password.  This is hardly secure.

At the very least the user should be able to select how ver. 2.1.xx will work, i.e. the “new” way or the way ver. 1.7 works currently.