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Peter Cronas

Thank you for your very prompt reply.

I seriously disagree that my methodology is not secure.  I’ve never had my password file hacked.  How many times have the big cloud players been hacked?  One of the most popular, Last Pass, has been hacked several times in the last 5-7 years.  What about the others?  We have no idea unless they confess, and how many have been hacked but failed to confess? Personal preferences and comfort zones are what makes personal computing so interesting.  I take offense at you categorically disparaging the method I’ve chosen to protect my passwords.  My approach is a legitimate alternative to password managers and should be recognized as such, particularly since I use AxCrypt to encrypt the files.

I’m afraid you misunderstood what I wrote concerning the 5 MS Office files.  Nowhere do I see a recommendation by AxCrypt to create a password when a new MS Office file is being created so as to enhance security.  I never fail to password protect my important Office documents when they are created, and it is only then that I use AxCrypt to encrypt them.   Unless I missed it nowhere on your site do I see a warning about allowing browsers (any of them) to store passwords, and you should have such a warning in place.

I’ll be sticking with version 1.7 thank you!