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I seriously disagree that my methodology is not secure.  I’ve never had my password file hacked.  How many times have the big cloud players been hacked?

You can disagree but you’d be wrong. If you clicked on any of those links provided you’d find that none of them are cloud services. They are all free, open-source, offline password managers and your data is stored on your computer.

I take offense at you categorically disparaging the method I’ve chosen to protect my passwords.

Don’t take offence. It’s insecure according to all security experts but you’re free to protect your passwords however you please.

Nowhere do I see a recommendation by AxCrypt to create a password when a new MS Office file is being created so as to enhance security.

The site doesn’t state that because Microsoft Office uses AES and so does AxCrypt. If AES can be broken then multiple layers of the same encryption won’t offer any additional protection; just more inconvenience for you and a greater likelihood the file will become inaccessible either through corruption or password loss.

I’ll be sticking with version 1.7 thank you!

If it works for you, great. (Anybody else reading this should be aware that it’s no longer supported)