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Hello Gcentral,

1) You can’t make AxCrypt ask every time, but you can set it to auto-sign-out with different intervals. The most often is after 5 minutes of inactivity.

2) Right now you can’t change the password while offline, the whole idea is to use our web server infrastructure to ensure that a password change is synchronized across devices. It gets really complicated to keep track of the situation if let’s say you have 3 devices, and change the password on all three offline, to different passwords and also do it online for example. There’s no way we can handle a situation like that in a way a regular user will understand. It’ll just be too confusing.

3) We don’t support different online and file passwords as such. Once again, it gets too complicated for the majority of  users, and for us to implement.

4) AxCrypt 2.x is backwards compatible with files encrypted with AxCrypt beta 0.9  in the year 2000 and every version since then – we have every intention to keep AxCrypt 7.x or whatever backwards compatible in the same way. As an extra precaution, we also recommend that you download the AxCrypt stand-alone version and store it next to your archive copies. If nothing else, it probably simplifies for you when you need those files. That of course depends on Microsofts willingness to be backwards compatible – but they have a pretty good track record there too. AxCrypt 0.9 mentioned above I’m pretty sure will run on Windows 10 (I have not tried, but I see no reason why it wouldn’t work).