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I have used the original version successfully for several years.  I installed the newer version on a new PC.  I was surprised by some of the ‘new’ ways things work.   I typically store my secure files on a removable thumb drive.  This is to have no one else to see encrypted files at all.  In the old version, when I saved a file, I could go to a drop down and save as ‘Encrypted’.  It appears that this feature is not available on the version.  Am I correct?

When I decrypt a file, view it, then re-encrypt it to the same location (a USB thumbdrive), I am surprised to later see that the name of the files previously opened appear in a popup list of ‘recently used files’, if I click on the Axcrypt icon again.  And this is even after I remove my thumb drive from the processor.  So, it appears that a level of security has been lost in the new version?? Or am I doing something wrong on my end?  I realize I can delete the names of the files manually, but that seems time consuming and cumbersome to have to do after decrypting and viewing a large number of files.