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Ok, so you have AxCrypt 2 installed – but you tried to decrypt using “AxDecrypt” which can only decrypt version 1 files, and thus will fail with the message “New file version – cannot decrypt“. Use AxCrypt 2 for these files.

Ok, I misunderstood the following you wrote: “The last modified dates of the files (just 3 of over 50)  I cannot access are dated a month after I installed the pc they now reside on and a few days before registering and installing axcrypt 2.

This says these files were encrypted using version 1, before installing AxCrypt 2. But the failure to decrypt them with “New file version – cannot decrypt” indicates that they were indeed decrypted at least once, and thus re-encrypted with AxCrypt 2.

Looking at the log files, it appears you actually *reset* your password 0n September 25 last year, after registering for AxCrypt 2 on June 10. So there is large gap in between where you may have use a subsequently forgotten password.

The “file password” requested is just that – AxCrypt asks for it when the sign in password does not work to decrypt the file. With default settings, any successful opening of a version 1 file will automatically re-encrypt it using the new AxCrypt 2 format and the then current sign in password.

When signing up for AxCrypt and starting the application, we give multiple warnings about the need to remember the password, and have a procedure where you are required to enter it at least three times before it is ever used to encrypt anything.