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Hello Norman,

No, changing the account password will not make any difference (except if you change it to the one actually used for the file).

The screen shot you showed previously says three things:

1 – The file is NOT newly encrypted. It’s an old, version 1, file.

2 – The file is encrypted with a DIFFERENT password than used to sign in to AxCrypt 2.

3 – You are not succeeding opening the file, because you are re-entering the SAME (wrong) password that you use to sign in to AxCrypt 2 with.

Copying and pasting the same wrong password won’t help. Here’s what’s happened:

Once upon a time, before version 2, you encrypted the file with a password, lets say ‘password124’.

Then, later, you created a version 2 account and use that to sign in to AxCrypt 2, let’s say you used ‘password123’.

Now, you sign in to AxCrypt 2, using ‘password123’ and then you try to open the file. It tries using that password, but it fails (because the file is in fact not encrypted with ‘password123’, but with ‘password124’). It displays the dialog you showed in the screen shot.

You keep trying to enter ‘password123’ – and AxCrypt says you’re already signed using that password (because you are, and since that password has already been tried, it’s asking for something else). Copy and paste ‘password123’ won’t help – we already know it’s wrong!

You need to remember the password you used originally (in this fictional example, ‘password124’).

What may have happened is that ‘once upon a time’, when you encrypted the file originally, you though you were entering ‘password123’, but in fact you entered ‘password124’.

Then, when it ‘started working’ this was probably because you once again made a type when you thought you were typing ‘password123’, you happened to make the same mistake again and typed ‘password124’. This would then be kept in memory until you signed out of AxCrypt 2 – thus giving you the semblance of ‘AxCrypt working again’.