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Hello Jack C,

Thank you for your input!

I’d like to know more about what gives you the impression that version 2 has “a container concept with spatial vagueness“. Obviously we’re doing something wrong here. AxCrypt 2 works just like AxCrypt 1 – it encrypts individual files, and nothing else. It does have a feature where it monitors folders for files to encrypt, perhaps this is causing the confusion.

We really think the shared key feature works better for sending encrypted files to friends and family, while still maintaining a reasonable security model. Using “understood shared password (or hints for alternates)” is so weak I don’t really see the point at all of going through the extra effort of using a strong encryption tool with such a weak security model. I’d recommend attaching an informative text just stating that this content is private, and anyone but the legitimate reader really should not peek. I think it’ll provide stronger protection, really!

From an AxCrypt point of view, we’d like to discourage such use of the product, since when the data is leaked due the weak key management we’ll probably get the blame while in fact it’s just how it’s (mis-)used that is the real problem. We’d like AxCrypt to be really easy to use, and hard to misuse.