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Jack C.

I agree it’s not a true “container” subject to being corrupted and losing all files, but it isolates the files in a floating window, which gives aesthetic detachment. I’ve avoided container password apps (like TrueCrypt) for the same reason. A good analogy is that your files are being encrypted in another “room” when they needn’t leave the room in the first place. I know that’s not entirely logical, but so it goes with preferences. Drag & drop isn’t my favored method for encryption. Yes, I could get used to it and still might.

I also want to keep email entirely out of it but know of that bypass trick (a separate topic, really).

I’d also rather use a lot more than one password for the way I use it with family members and others who put no real effort into setting it up on their end. Not super secret stuff, just email privacy. For myself, I use stronger passwords with a few variants of a base password.

I use an offline password manager to keep track of all custom passwords. Altogether, I’ve used a dozen+ different passwords with AxCrypt over the years and only once forgot one that was a test quickie.