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Jack C.

Svante wrote: “…To share encrypted files with others, you should not be using different passwords either!…”

True in the context of a specific way of thinking that involves “top secret” files and a similar level of computer expertise or enthusiasm on both ends. I understand a programmer not wanting any holes in their software, which is where the technical skill for user-friendliness comes in.

Not true for uses where the files aren’t under much scrutiny, or a relative or friend doesn’t want to bother with extra steps to decode a file and even finds it annoying to be asked. A number of impatient people¬†value every second of their time more than security. The elderly who barely get the difference between a file and folder are another example (sorry, mom). The types of files I send this way are usually family-related info or photos that I don’t want their ISP snooping on. They’re never critical to national security, etc.

It’s also just more fun & interesting to be able to make new passwords on the fly, sometimes done for humorous reasons, or one-off passwords you only use once (like sending a resume to a manager, which could be a strong password based on a custom clue). I enjoy making such clues as needed. The best software allows for different styles of use and weaknesses in human nature while retaining its integrity.

I came here from a 2017/2018 thread after seeing the history of this issue. It’s been discussed to death but it’s a good time for action now.