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Jack C.

Cody wrote: “….The true number of unique people who want per-file passwords is probably fewer than 10. Analysis of publicly available Google re CAPTCHA usage tends to confirm this….”

Surely you can’t assume it’s just < 10 people?! The context of CAPTCHA is much different (often fueled by impatience) than sending files to people with a a favorite shared password on a random basis. The very fact that people are “complaining” about v2, and they don’t seem to be random rubes, should tell you something’s up. Denial isn’t a good reaction to anything.

The reasons I like making passwords on the fly are that it’s the only way I can get certain computer-resistant family members to decode files (hard to explain offhand) and it can be interesting and fun to make up different passwords for files that aren’t critical. There are various ways to use software that can’t be rigidly assumed from one’s personal experience or taste. If a file gets cracked and it’s just for casual use, the burden is on the user with a disclaimer stating such.

I’d rather have all that functionality in one program vs. alternate methods, like 7-Zip or PDF-based encryption that’s limited to certain files. The best software will find a way to cater to as many users as possible within pragmatic constraints.