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Hello Pickle Rick,

First of all – you’re welcome to use the old version 1 of AxCrypt for as long as you like, and we have it available for download at the old web site – . It’s exactly the same software you presumably used before (with the advertising stuff removed since many years, it’s entirely clean).

Secondly, there’s no need to decrypt the files one by one with either version 1 or version 2 of AxCrypt, in this regard they work exactly the same. If you’re unsure of how to select multiple files in Windows, please contact your local support provider or even our AxCrypt support, we try to help out even when it’s just regular Windows usage that is the issue!

I’m sorry you object so much to using an email address to register. It is kind of standard practice for just about any service available today on the Internet. And, as you noticed, you can use a bogus email or why not a throwaway email, it’s even easier – if you really insist.

We also make the full source code available to both version 1 and version 2.

Considering all of the above, I find it a rather harsh, even unfair, judgement to make any kind of comparison between AxCrypt and ransomware.