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Hello Joe Donobome,

Thank you for your input, but…

Nope, you’re quite wrong in stating that it just doesn’t work. AxCrypt 2 in general works fine. Of course, it’s software, so it may have some bugs but for normal usage it’s quite stable and reliable – as evidenced by literally hundreds of thousands of users being successful in using it. Please contact support for help if you are having trouble using it.

It’s hard to help you since you just say that you can’t “decrypt anything I encrypted”. If you provide more information, it may help us understand what the problem is for you.

I can understand that you have opinions about the “repetitive prompts”, when starting AxCrypt for the first time there are some prompts and some steps to go through. We’re trying to keep them to a minimum, but every step and every prompt is there for a reason – because we’ve had users having trouble with the software, and these steps and prompts have minimized that. With the old version, we’d have much more users losing data for example due to forgotten passwords.