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C. Silva

Hello Svente,


Thank you for your reply, much appreciated. Indeed, ‘sometimes’ is not correctly described. It actually always does this, but perhaps not for all the files. As I have many files, I cannot tell which ones precisely, but they were all encrypted with the same password and the password is the same for the files as well as for the online AxCrypt account (so one password for everything). Moreover, I think it is the signing-in part that gives problems, and not decrypting perse, I think. However, I am not aware of a function that allows me to decrypt the files without loggin-in?

Yes, I do remember that I did a ‘reset’ a while back, however, it was because of this problem. So the reset is not the cause.


I can reproduce this problem as follows:

1. In my office there is no WiFi signal, thus, it is offline.

2. I type my password into notepad and copy it to clipboard.

3. I double click an axx file, and I paste the password into the decryption window of AxCrypt. It tells me wrong password. (see screenshot).

4. I walk with my laptop to an area that has WiFi (now online). I try again, keeps telling me ‘wrong password’. I close the AxCrypt password window and double click the axx file again. Again I just paste the password from clipboard. Now it accepts the password.


I hope you can help me with this issue.


Kind regards,

C. Silva.