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    1.  Will both old versions 1.7.2976 or 1.7.3156 work on a new desktop running Windows 10 64 bit?

    2.  using version 1.7.2976, we have 2 users on 1 PC sharing all their data files except one – they each have separate encrypted password files under 1.7.2976.  We want to continue using separate encrypted passwords for these 2 files on the new Windows 10 desktop.  Can you do that under Ax Crypt Version 2?

    3.  does free version 2 still have the file shredding function that version 1 has?

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    Hello Bruce,

    1. Yes, but why would you want to run 1.7.2976?

    2. Not with different passwords, but each user can have his or her own password, and share the key the to file and open it with their own passwords.

    3. Not at this time, IIRC. Shredding is a premium feature. This may change soon,

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    Wow Svante – that was a quick answer – thank you!  I am still a bit confused about your response.  Here’s why:

    We have been using 1.7.2976 so we are familiar with it and how to use it on a Windows Vista desktop and a Windows 7 laptop.  It works perfectly on both.  We only use it for 2 basic simple functions that perfectly fit our needs:

    1.  to encrypt our separate password files with a different password which neither person can access; this allows us to use all the other data files on the computer that we both create except for these 2 password files; and

    2.  file shredding.

    These are the only 2 functions that I want the program to do and which version 1.7.2976 does simply and perfectly.  However, it appears by your answer that new version 2 does not offer either function.  As I understand your answer, you are saying that:

    1.  yes, you can install old versions 1.7.2976 and 1.7.3156 on a new desktop running Windows 10 64 bit OS

    2.  I am totally confused by your answer # 2 above where I think you appear to say that, under free version 2, you cannot encrypt separate files with a different password for each user (?), but then you confuse me by saying that, under free version 2, each user can have his own individual password (??).  I do not understand these 2 apparently contradictory statements.  Can you explain how version 2 can work so that each of us can secure/encrypt our separate password files so that the other cannot access it?  If each user has an individual password, how can that prevent that user from accessing the other person’s password file?

    3.  free version 2 does not offer file shredding at the present time

    4.  does free version 1.7.3156 offer these same 2 functions as free version 1.7.2976?

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    • You can’t have separate passwords in AxCrypt 2, you can in AxCrypt 1.7
    • To learn how AxCrypt 2 works, watch this video
    • You encrypt a file using your master password
      • If you want to share that file, you select that persons username.
        • They then use their password to unlock the file. Your password doesn’t change.
          • File sharing is a Premium (paid) feature
    • File shredding is available for free in AxCrypt 1.7


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    Hi Bruce,

    In addition to the correct summary by Barry (thanks), I’d like to point that that 1.7.2976 and 1.7.3156 are essentially identical, with the major difference being a few updates to underlying libraries, and the removal of the Open Candy wrapper in the installer. 1.7.3156 is an entirely clean download. You should always prefer that over 1.7.2976.

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    Thank you both for responding.  As I understand this issue for us, because we now have on our Vista desktop (and will continue to have on our new Windows 10 64 bit desktop) only one user account rather than 2 separate user accounts:

    1.  we can install free version 1.7.3156 on our new Windows 10 64 bit desktop and it will be usable for both of us to encrypt, decrypt and shred files as we like;

    2.  free version 1.7.356 will allow us to encrypt any separate file we choose and to put a specific password on it, though we will only use it on one file each; and

    3.  free version 1.7.3156 has file shredding

    If that is correct, and free version 2 will not allow us to do some of the above, we will install free version 1.7.3156 on the new Windows 10 64 bit desktop and continue to examine the features of version 2 (free or premium) to determine whether that version will work better for us.

    Thanks folks for being so responsive!

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