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    i opened a free basic account and started using to encrypt files one by one. I received a pop up on my screen proposing to upgrade to premium for free for 21 days(i think) but i kept using the simple features of te basic account (encryption one by one) will i have problems when my free premium subscription will end? Will i have to pay the renewal just to decrypt my files after the expiring date or my account will go back to the basic account and so i will be able to decrypt my files for free ? I like your program for sure but at the monent  now i don’t need a premium subscription. Thanks for your help in advance

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    Sorry for the typos im from phone and on the go :)

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    Azhaguraja B

    Hello Luca,

    I am glad you like AxCrypt!

    A 30 day trial of AxCrypt Premium is included and you can start it at any time from the AxCrypt app.

    After your Premium trail subscription expired, AxCrypt will convert your AxCrypt account subscription into Freemium.

    If you want to continue our Premium subscription, then you have to purchase again. With out user’s interaction, AxCrypt will not renew your subscription automatically.

    After your Premium Subscription expiration, You are able to open/decrypt your AxCrypt Encrypted(AES 256 bit) Files. But you will no longer to access the premium features.

    For more information about features, please check our pricing page:

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    Thanks a lot for your prompt and detailed answer  Azhaguraja, yes your software is indeed nice and very easy to use

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