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    Ed M

    Cannot login to Axcrypt

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    Check your spam folder.

    Or use Always Offline.

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    Hello Ed M,

    You seem to have misspelled your email-address, so we can’t send any email to you since the address you’ve given does not exist. There’s an apparent extra ‘i’ in the domain name. There might be more mistakes – but that one seems rather obvious anyway.

    Click ‘Cancel’, then select Options | Clear All Settings and Exit, and retype the correct e-mail address.

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    Clinton V

    I installed Axcrypt 2 on top of Axcrypt 1, and did not enter a password when asked for one.  I cant open Axcrypt 2 because I didnt put in a password for it. If I delete the Axcrypt 2 program could I reinstall the older version 1  of Axcrypt and then decrypt  my encrypted files.

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    Hello Clinton,

    You should be prompted to set a password again and use the verification code if you did not do it the first time. Just start AxCrypt.

    And, yes, if you uninstall AxCrypt 2 you can re-install AxCrypt 1. If you have not opened the files with AxCrypt 2, they remain identical and unchanged, and can of course be opened with AxCrypt 1 if they could be opened before.

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