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    Are there any plans to implement additional security options into AxCrypt?

    In particular, the option of a PIN code when accessing AxCrypt, or at least decrypting a file. (On top of the full sign in every session.) I always enable and enjoy this quick & simple added measure of security with the Windows apps (Pulseway, Plex) and many Android apps (LastPass, Authy, banking, etc) that have this feature available.

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    This is a good idea. I am a user and would like to see this too.

    I’ve not seen anybody else suggest it and I’ve also checked the list of issues here¬†which has all the suggestions.

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    Thanks, Bertram! (Did I just have a good idea?)

    I searched the forums for mentions of “pin code” and found not much. I would really love this feature. I feel it does actually protects against casual curiosity, friends and family and pets, for the many people who may not follow perfect security measures at all times (locking or logging out when leaving area, etc).

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    Hello Vanon & Bertram,

    AxCrypt is about encryption, not access control. This is an important distinction, I wrote a blog post about this some time ago, in slightly different context, but it still has some valid points about this. See .

    The point is that it’s all about the password. To protect the device, you should use screen locks and similar mechanisms. Adding a “screen lock” to AxCrypt would just confuse the issue I think. Use a strong password, and available device locking!

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    Thanks Svante.

    As much as I think I love this feature, you are probably right. If using PIN code login on Windows, “locking” (Win+L) can be a similar replacement for additional PIN security via app. So I need to improve my habit of locking Windows. I see there is a way to set screensaver (can use “none”) to lock Windows after a number of minutes, will try.

    Also, many of the Android apps (banking, etc) use the PIN code login as a “quick” login, once device is confirmed verified by user. But these apps usually log out frequently! That may actually be why I love PIN login feature. As long as AxCrypt does not frequently log out user (needing full password often), the PIN feature may not be as useful or necessary.

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    Well, that doesn’t work well (locking Windows), because AxCrypt also logs out. (Upon lock, or screensaver, which I was using to auto-activate lock.). So basically many of the times you need to use AxCrypt, you need to login. Sigh. More secure, but also much more annoying. Maybe if we could choose when AxCrypt logs out this could still work well?

    I was hoping for a frequently required PIN (for most actions) combined with an infrequent full login (verify password, or even just new devices).

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    Hello Vanon,

    Yes, we’ll be adding options to control the sign out behavior – everyone wants it differently so we’ll be adding that.

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