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    hi, i have use the trial 1 month subscription.

    I find out this software match all the requirement that i need,

    but just 1 thing i not sure how to configure or does it have any extra features for it or not.

    I need to auto encrypt the folder,

    example i put abc folder in the secured folder,

    when i create any file or put any files in to this abc folder,

    can it auto encrypt files? Rather than i need to manually input the files

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    Hello unknown,

    If you have Premium, files (or folders or files in folders if you have ‘Include Subfolders’ enabled) will be encryptable by a single click in a secured folder. We can’t encrypt them fully automatically, because too many softwares will be confused or broken by such an action.

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    As Svante says:

    • Make a folder, ‘ABC’
    • Nominate it as a Secured Folder
    • Any files saved to ‘ABC’ will be automatically encrypted

    You need Premium to do this.

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    it really help me a lots.

    It works , plan to get an license account to use XD

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