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    Dave Leonard

    AxCript works well on  small individual files but not so much on Avi and related files. Is the app not meant to work on large files like these. When I do decrypt these large files the app will run them and let them function but after running the app locks them up again. To work or edit the file I must go through the long decrypt process again. How can I get AxCrypt  off these files in order to work with them? Thanks.

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    Dave Leonard

    One addition to the above. When I try to unlock many of these avi  files I get an error notice from AxCrypt telling me that the file cannot be unlocked because it is open some where else. But they are not open at all. Task mgr does not show them open. I even did a restart and got the same error. A restart would have closed them had they been open. So my files are locked and I cannot open them.


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    Try using the red broom to clear your temporary files.

    AxCrypt is designed for use with all sorts of files, large and small.

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