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    Maureen Diaz

    For months now i have been asking the same question and still do not have an answer. i admit i am not a geek, just a very average user of this system. I contacted yourselves so i could store some files safely on my laptop= no probs. Then i wanted to be able to access those files through the AXCRPT APP on my i phone. Here comes the problem. more than 50% of the time the files have not been saved under AXX and time and time again i am unable to access the files i need when i am out. I have sent you photos of the messages  that appear on my phone scene. I still have no answer to my questions. Can you please tell me in simple language how i can i ensure the files are being saved under the correct format to allow me to access them on my mobile. If not then please tell me as there will be little point of me using this system. I need a “dummies guide”

    a frustrated client

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    Deniyalraja V

    Hi Maureen Diaz,

    AxCrypt Mobile apps can able to view the encrypted files which all are encrypted by the AxCrypt desktop version.

    How to open the encrypted file in mobile app?

    Just click the AxCrypt encrypted file from your cloud service(Dropbox, one drive etc.,), local storage. AxCrypt mobile app will opens up and prompting to enter the AxCrypt account password.

    After that your encrypted file will be opened/viewed by corresponding application.

    Or  Login to the AxCrypt mobile app and click the plus(+) icon and then select the file from local folder.

    That’s all. This is the way to open the encrypted file from Local folder.

    Note : If we tried to decrypt/encrypt the files which are synched with the cloud storage services(like onedrive and etc), then the cloud service provider/application will need internet to sync the file(s) between your system and the cloud service. So that time we need internet to synch the files.

    I hope, your problem will get resolved. If not, please write the email to with detailed information.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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