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    Hi Zen,

    Lots of people have given us really valuable feedback on the new version, and we’ve improved a lot of things as a result. Some things have to change some time though, one of the problems of course is that AxCrypt didn’t really change at all in 15 years. So any change is hard to make. But we really do have to make some changes.

    All that being said, we’re continuously looking into ways of keeping the core values we want with version 2, and adapting to user feedback. Asking for an email address will probably remain for some time, although I do not at all exclude the possibility of releasing a version in the future which is entirely free of this requirement.

    And really – you can use a disposable email if you want. We do not block them. I use for similar purposes.

    The key thing is that we really believe that in the future, even if you don’t want to share encrypted data with someone else, someone else may want to do so with you. The connection to your AxCrypt ID (account/email) makes this very easy to do, and this is one of the really big changes in AxCrypt 2 where we want to go beyond private personal encryption.

    Once again, thanks for your input!

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    Hi Paul!

    No, we don’t have such a web page. We probably should. There are quite a lot of differences, even if the core function is the same it looks quite different so some old users are a little bit intimidated by the changes. We’re working on new tutorials and a “AxCrypt 2 for AxCrypt 1 users” page.

    Yes, you’re right – AxCrypt 1 can’t read AxCrypt 2 files. So you should upgrade both computers at more or less the same time.

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    Hi Tony,

    For your specific scenario – personal archive use, I really think you’re misunderstanding how AxCrypt 2 works and the value of the portable / standalone version.

    This is a fully featured entirely self-contained version of AxCrypt 2 that you can store along with your AxCrypt-encrypted files. The self-decrypting function is really limited in functionality and requires you to run each encrypted file separately to decrypt, and has a fundamental built-in limit of 2GB size (due to Windows restrictions in .exe size, not an AxCrypt limitation).

    I really think you’ll be much better off using the standalone AxCrypt 2 version, than the AxCrypt 1 self-decrypting feature.

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    Hi Yngvar,

    First of all – you can run AxCrypt 2 entirely offline, with no online registration using the –offline switch. You’ll still have to provide something that looks like an email address, but anything will do. It won’t be used for anything as long as you stay offline. In this mode AxCrypt will not attempt any form of network communication.

    As for maintenance of version 1. Should there after all these years surface some real security issue with it, we’ll have to consider either pulling it entirely from the site, or fixing it. It will depend on the situation. If for example a Windows update makes it incompatible, we won’t fix it. So, if it won’t run on Windows 11 or whatever next version will be called, it won’t run.

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    I downloaded and installed the standalone version which is recommended by you for allowing the same idea as self-decrypting files. The first thing it does after running is ask for an email address. Cancelling this causes the program to close. So, essentially, there is no way for me to archive my files with Axcrypt, even when including the standalone program included with my files, because there is no way to run the standalone without providing an email address and how can I know that five years from now this system will work? I don’t see how the standalone has any benefit over the regular version other than it probably has less features (I don’t know, since I can’t run it).

    If I am in error, could you please provide instructions on how I do this? I looked on the website for a while and didn’t find instructions on how to create file archives that I can be confident I can return to 5 years or 10 years from now and be able to decrypt the files. I really wish the self-decrypting feature of 1.7 was part of 2.


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    Hello md,

    Yes, the standalone works just like the installed version (minus Windows Explorer integration, i.e. double-click and right-click in Windows Explorer).

    Yes, we ask for an email address then too, since it might be a good idea to synchronize keys with a new device, or enable Premium functionality if you’ve paid for that (we keep track of subscription status on a server).

    However, if you don’t have Internet access, you will still need to enter an email but we won’t require a registration. We’ll accept anything that looks like a proper email.

    You can also force AxCrypt to never attempt Internet connection by starting it with the –offline switch.

    So, yes, the standalone really works standalone.

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    I am an old user of Ax 1.X version. Unfortunately I agree with TairikuOkami. Old version was simple a powerful at the same time.

    I don’t like the 2.X. I prefer to encrypt individual files. Maybe it is old fashioned or not so productive but It is simplier

    Maybe I don’t fully understand 2.X functionallity, but at first sight 1.x was better for a light user like me

    Anyhow, thanks for  all this years

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    I have only just installed AxCrypt, after using Kremlin Encrypt for years.

    AxCrypt seems like a great replacement, and I am happy to buy the premium version, but I would just like to know if the program has any known “back doors”, usually intended for Support teams, government investigators or law enforcement?

    Can you please advise if these exist or is the encrypted files 100% safe.

    best regards



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    Although  I’m not a fan of version 2X I was a user of version 1.X for years, and I’ll keep it for some time till I find a substitute, and It has not a backdoor or something similar. AX has a great reputation.

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    Hello Garry,

    There are no intentional backdoors and the source code is open source to back that claim. The previous version of AxCrypt has never had a security issue since released over 15 years ago.

    The only recourse for breaking the encryption is brute force, and AxCrypt has some specific features implemented to make that as hard as possible. With a good and strong password, brute forcing AxCrypt is infeasible, even for an organization with immense financial and technical resources.

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    Thanks for the responses Martin and Svante.

    You have put my mind at ease.

    I have just purchased the premium version.

    Best regards

    Garry Beattie


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    I very recently became a disappointed Axcrypt2 user… Didn’t see the removed feature ‘create self-extracting .exe’ before upgrading and making the payment. It would be nice for existing and happy V1 users during upgrade, to notify them that V2 does not support a number of very useful ‘deprecated’ features. They were implemented in V1 for a very good reason, right?

    I’m sorry but I do not agree with the ‘easier sharing’ approach. I just want to encrypt something, ahsre it on a public cloudservice, and provide the password by other means, without downloading/installing additional software.

    You have my vote for ‘restoring’ the ‘create .exe with separate password’ functionality. I’m going to look for an alternative in the meantime…



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    Hi Michiel,

    Thanks for the feedback, sorry you’re disappointed. The self-decrypting feature of V1 was implemented over 15 years ago, in a landscape very different from now. At that point in time, malware was something that spread via floppy disks, and sending executables over email etc was not a problem. Since then, things have changed – and so has AxCrypt finally.

    The replacement for the self-decrypting archive is much better – it’s the stand alone fully featured portable version of AxCrypt 2.

    We’ll be continuously developing AxCrypt 2, and also reacting to user feedback, so it will certainly change in the months to come. Some features may well make it back, but perhaps in a different way than before.

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    Even following its orientation to Download version 1.7 accessing the old site in, when requesting the download of version 1.7 there is redirection to the new site where there is only possibility to download version 2.

    How can I download the previous version?



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