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    Rakesh CR

    I had some files encrypted with Axcrypt 2 on my laptop which had Windows 10 OS, for some reason i had to give away my laptop and before giving it i had transferred the encrypted file to my USB, now the problem is that i want to decrypt my files on my USB but the pc which i have is still running on Windows XP and Axcrypt 2 doesnt get installed on XP. I need my files very urgently to be decrypted. I hope someone can help me find a solution for this problem .

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    Hello Rakesh CR,

    AxCrypt 2 does not and never will run on XP I’m afraid. You’ll have to borrow a friends’ more modern system to decrypt the files. There’s a limit to how far back we can support things, and Windows XP is so dead that it just doesn’t make sense for us to limit us to that. Sorry.

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    Windows XP is so insecure that you should strongly consider installing a newer operating system. You could consider installing Linux (that won’t help decrypt your files) but it will make your computer more secure.

    Windows XP is nearly 17 years old. It’s pre-historic in computer terms.

    You’ll either have to find a computer which you can decrypt it on or you could try running a virtual machine with a later version of Windows on it – that’s assuming Windows XP supports virtualisation.

    The only other option, and I doubt it’d work, is using the AxCrypt 2 standalone version.

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    If it’s really urgent, and you’re prepared to pay to decrypt your files, then consider Amazon WorkSpaces.

    As long as you’ve got a working web browser in Windows XP then you can create a virtual PC in Amazon’s cloud, install AxCrypt 2 and decrypt your files. However you’re potentially exposing your files to Amazon…

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