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    i have 3 computers with OneDrive ( 2 with Windows 8 and 1 with windows 10).  When i use one of computers and use axcrypt on OneDrive, then when i switch to another computer and try to open .axx file, then an “Unexpected Error! Exception during processing of :C/Users/Name/OneDrive/Filename.axx file cannot be acessed by the system. And this error comes in many many small windows, like for all encrypted files. If i manage to close all error windows (they pop up fast) i can open the file. But the errors come back in short time. I am using premium axcrypt. I tried to disconnect PC from internet to log in, but it did not stop these error messages. It is very annoiyng when i log in and get every singel one of the files error message (almost all OneDrive files are encrypted).  The problem came with AxCrypt new version.

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    Azhaguraja B

    Hello Kalev,

    This might be because of some pending temporary decrypted files exist in your AxCrypt local cache folder and recent file list also.

    You can stop the error messages by clearing the AxCrypt local cache by File | Options | Clear All Settings & Restart.

    Now AxCrypt app will be opened like a freshly installed app. Then sign in with your AxCrypt account credentials.

    Start AxCrypting……

    Still, if you are facing any issues, please feel free to contact our support( with detailed information about the issue.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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