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    Dana Stripe

    Axcrypt is no longer found when I search the IOS apps, any plans to have it reinstated?

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    Hello Dana,

    Yes, we’re definitively planning on doing this. It’s at the top of our priority after smoothing over some initial usability bumps in AxCrypt 2 for the Windows Desktop.


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    Longing for the day Svante!  Once we have iOS and OSX, I can get back to AxCrypt.

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    Stay with us, and keep in touch. We’ll get there!

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    Can you provide an ETA for availability of the iPhone and iPad apps please? The old app on my phone died some time ago and the one on iPad began crashing with iOS 9.3.3!

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    Hello Christo,

    We’re planning to release iOS and Android apps at the end of the year.


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    Can I install previous version on my computer so that transferred documents can be read on my iPhone using the previous app?  Should I delete the new desktop version first? Or should I just wait for the new iOS app to be released?

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    Hello James,

    Not entirely sure what you mean. Unfortunately iOS 9 broke the old app, and it was also pulled from the store by the third party that made it (with our help and blessing, but still).

    Right now we don’t have anything for iOS. We’ll be starting the final development of the iOS/Android app in mid-September.

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    James ariagno

    I previously had 1.7 version installed on my desktop and the available app installed on my iPhone 5.  I was able to upload AxCrypt files to my iPhone and read the files. I was able to maintain the app on my iPhone even though the App Store withdrew the app. When I upgraded my desktop version to 2.0 everything worked okay on desktop and even though I could upload files to my iPhone I could open the files with the existing app. Can I reinstall the previous 1.7 version and operate as before until a new app is released that will work with version 2.0.

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    Hello James,

    Yes, you can of course downgrade to AxCrypt 1.7 and thus keep being compatible with the old iOS app. Please be aware that files encrypted with the new AxCrypt 2 software are not possible to open with AxCrypt 1 or the iOS app – so for these files if any you’ll have to decrypt and then re-encrypt with version 1.

    I suggest you download the stand-alone version of AxCrypt 2 (it’s fully featured, just without the Windows Explorer integration) since it can co-exist with an installed version of AxCrypt 1.

    The current plan is to release the iOS app later this year.

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    James Araigno


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    Earlier this week we released AxCrypt Mobile for Android.

    Now we have released AxCrypt Mobile for iOS.

    Thank you for your support.


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