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    As we consider moving to an AxCrypt business license arrangement, can you tell me if AxCrypt Business (or Premium, I suppose) will function and is supported in an RDS/XenApp environment?

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    Yes, AxCrypt is fully compatible in a remote desktop environment including Citrix XenApps.

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    Hello Bob,

    AxCrypt is a user mode client desktop application, and as such should work perfectly fine via remote desktop etc. It does nothing strange or advanced as far as the internal use of Widows API etc is concerned, so it’s very compatible.

    From a compatibility point of view Premium is essentially identical to Business, so you can use the Premium trial month to evaluate fully in your specific environment. Contact support if you need to extend the trial period, we’re usually quite flexible with that (or just register a new account under a new email).

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    Thanks very much for this information.  Are there any sort of specific deployment instructions that we should follow to install it inside of Citrix?  We do not have a lot of users, so the Business option seems a bit pricy for us, would we have multiple premium accounts or just a single account that all users would access?  Really appreciate the help.

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    There should be no special instructions needed for Citrix installations.

    Technically, if you’re a company, you’re obliged to use the Business plan according to the terms of use. Of course we won’t go after you if you use the Premium version instead – but we may be unable to help you out in situations where the Business plan would have been the right thing to use.

    Using a single account does not make sense in most cases, unless the use-case is to share information between the users, but protect against all others. It’s also another violation of the terms of use… A Premium account is for one person on any number of devices.

    The Free Plan is available for all though and you can use it in almost any way you want. It does lack some features of course.

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