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    I have been using Axcrypt  (version 1.7.2867.0) for years and tonight for the first time have an error message and my file won’t open.

    “The file does not appear to be produced by Acrypt.GUID mismatch.”

    Is there any way I can access this file?



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    Hello Jasnick,

    This typically indicates a very bad corruption of the file, or that it simply is not an AxCrypt file.

    The most common reason is that the file is on a USB drive, and it was removed from the computer without using the Windows Safe removal function.

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    Hi Svante

    It has always been an Axcrypt file.  It is on a computer not a USB.  Could it have been a recent Windows 10 update?  Nothing else has changed on the computer.  I use the file everyday – it contains all my  client account data.  It will take ages to  build it up from other records.  Thanks

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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