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    Good mornig.

    I just tried to open a file that I’ve protected with AxCrypt but I get the following error message:


    I need a solution.

    Best regard,


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    You’ve not provided the error message in your post above.

    If you could post either a screenshot of the problem or full information on what the error message says we’ll try to help.

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    Hello Annalisa,

    A screenshot would indeed help a lot, but the most likely reason is described here: .

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    The error message is : AxCrypt File Encryption ha smesso di funzionare. Windows: si è verificato un problema che impedisce il funzionamento corretto del programma. Se è disponibile una soluzione, verrà chiuso il programma e inviata una notificaautomatica.

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    Check if you have Lavasoft Web Companion installed, and, if you do, uninstall it.

    Si aparece un mensaje de error “File Encryption for .NET and Mono ha dejado de funcionar. Un problema causó que el programa no funcionara correctamente. Windows cerrará el programa y le notificará si hay una solución disponible. “La causa más probable es un software llamado” Lavasoft Web Companion “. Esto no es compatible con versiones modernas de Windows y modifica la forma en que se accede a la red de una manera que hace que AxCrypt y otros programas se bloqueen.

    Compruebe si Lavasoft Web Companion está instalado y desinstálelo si es así.

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    The message is exactly the one you get when you have Lavasoft Web Companion installed. Please uninstall that, and AxCrypt should be working normally.

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    Thanks a lot for your suggestions, now the program works properly.

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