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    I installed AxCrypt and received a message the installation was a success.  However when I try to encrypt and decrypt a file I get the message “AxCrypt Has quit working. Windows will close program and will notify you of a solution”  Can you help me since I removed AxCrypt  1 before installing Axcrypt 2.  I have Windows 10.

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    Did you uninstall AxCrypt 1 prior to installing AxCrypt 2?

    If not:

    • Uninstall AxCrypt 1
    • Uninstall AxCrypt 2
    • Restart your computer
    • Install AxCrypt 2
    • Restart your computer
    • Post back and let me know if it’s working
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    Hello Hov,

    Please read  . It is most likely the cause of your trouble.


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    I had the same problem on my Windows 8.1 system and I never had Lavasoft installed; it was because I installed the new version over the old version. Once I’d removed them both and re-installed version 2 I was good to go.

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    Hello Frank,

    Thank you for the information, but while I’m sure you had a problem, this unlikely to be the same issue. AxCrypt 1 (the old version) is entirely written in C++/Win32. AxCrypt 2 (the new version) is written in C#/.NET. The error message is caused by a .NET component having problems. The old version had no components shared with .NET, and installed no system components that could be shared.

    In short – it’s really hard to see any way that a problem with AxCrypt 1 – broken or not, could affect AxCrypt 2. However, a broken installation of AxCrypt 2 could certainly cause similar symptoms.

    What probably fixed it for you was the reinstall of AxCrypt 2, as probably the original installation was broken for whatever reason.

    Installing AxCrypt 2 over AxCrypt 1 is a supported scenario and will normally work just fine.

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    I know I had to download the .NET framework 4.6.2 for another piece of software (I think it was for Visual Studio; I can’t remember) as it wasn’t on my system. It was around that time when I gave AxCrypt version 2 a try so perhaps that was the problem.

    Because it resolved itself I didn’t look into it any further

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    Hi Frank!

    Yes – Missing .NET 4.5 or later will cause a similar (but not the same) error. Also depending on if you have .NET 4 or not…

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