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    I just installed a copy of AXcrypt on my win 10 home version from you .net site and seemingly managed to encrypt two files. As the two files ened up with .AXX file extensions.

    However when I tried to open the encrypted files nothing happened. MORE IMPORTANTLY AXcrypt does not show in the list of my installed software in the control panel or in the programme files on the C: drive. This is worrying me in case a software is hiding on my system.

    Only the downloaded .exe and the two files which I have shredded now exited on my system.

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    Hello Abdi,

    AxCrypt is a user mode software. We can uninstall the software using the control panel in windows.

    If AxCrypt installed in the system then we can the find the same in the control panel. AxCrypt app will not exist in the control panel list of installed programs if the AxCrypt app was not installed.

    Please note: We can keep AxCrypt encrypted files without having the AxCrypt app also. But AxCrypt app required to decrypt/open the AxCrypt encrypted files.

    If any other queries, please feel free to contact AxCrypt support via .

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    Thank you for your help guys. happy wheels

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    suka min

    thank you

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