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    Hi Garry,

    You make a good argument ;-)

    The installation process is really a core function, and it’s quite complicated, so if we mess with that it’ll require quite a bit of testing. Also, a bit of investigation and trial and error is probably needed to figure out how to actually do the 32-bit install correctly on a 64-bit system. Also, we’d actually be installing unused software in perhaps 99.9% of the cases. Introducing a hard-to-understand installation option is not, well…, an option.

    Then it’s the testing… We need to test such a change across all or most of the range of supported operating system versions and it’s just very time consuming setting it up and running the tests and validating the result.

    I’m really just guessing, but maybe 4-6 days of work? For us, that’s a LOT for something we very rarely get a request for… even if you are indeed asking very nicely!

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    Bill Haughton

    I have the problem wit Axcrypt disappearing from the context menu, but it seems to be different apps “fighting for position” on the context menu.  When I first installed Axcrypt on each of my machines (about 8) it appeared just fine.  But when I install other apps, some of them “displace” Axcrypt on context menu.  For example, machine I am on right now has Avast and Carbonite installed, I believe when I installed Avast, it stepped on Axcrypt’s menu item.

    I’m interested in whether others have seen the same.

    Also,  I’ve seen several comments about “only there for convenience.”  Is the alternative using command line?  Or is there a somewhat more elegant option?

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    Hello i thought i had the same problem when i saw it was on cloud files. The contextual menu appears only with local files.

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    Prabhukumar R

    Hello Ank59,

    Sorry to hear this. Please explain more detailed information about the issue. Also Please explain which AxCrypt version do you have used? Please write an email to our support team we investigate and try to resolve the issue as soon as possible. Also Please you can send a screenshot showing where the problem is, it often helps us understand.

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