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    i try to download axcrypt orginal but the hperlink takes me here

    this is link i tried

    sorry for bad english.

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    Hello Štefan,

    There seems to be something broken… It’s supposed to download properly, as long as you actually use the the link from the axantum site. Direct links should behave as you describe. However, when I try it now, it seems that it’s not working as intended.

    We’ll have to investigate. It’s supposed to work, but we have previous reports of it intermittently not working as expected.

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    i am also having same problem, not able to download 1.7.3180 from your old website, it takes to your new site where only version 2 is available

    Please make arrangements for ver1

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    You can download AxCrypt 1.7 from here. The software is digitally signed by AxCrypt so you can be sure that it’s the original.

    Please let me know if you have any difficulties.

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    To download the 1.7 version of AxCrypt from you have to do so from the site directly, *not* from a direct link. (Technically, the referrer of the request must be, in practice this means you should browse the web site and click the link on the web site in your browser).

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