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    Jamie WIlliams

    I’ve been running a trial for a client on an SBS2011 box. It’s been monitoring a folder and encrypting files in that folder to keep it secure. I’ve installed the keys on all 4 of the users PC’s and they can access the files Ok. Great.
    The problem however is that if the server logs off, or gets restarted the application is no longer running and therefor no longer monitors the folder until someone has logged in and entered the master password.

    Is there a way round this for servers? Or can I not achieve what I need to achieve. (Trial expires in 2 days) and ideally need to know pre then before I trial something else. All ready to get the paid version pending a way of achieving the above without physical logon to that server.

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    Hello Jamie,

    That’s an interesting scenario… There is always a problem with servers and long-running processes with credentials.

    Right now we don’t support this out of the box I’m afraid, but it could probably be added relatively easily – *if* you are ok with storing the credentials in clear text somewhere on the server. Either directly in the startup command line arguments, or in an environment variable.

    In the future we’ll support use of some form of credential store or encrypted credentials, but right now we don’t. The above can be implemented relatively easily, I think.

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    Jamie WIlliams

    Thank you very much for the reply. We’ll opt for a manual encryption process at the moment and will log in and do it daily. We’ve brought the premium version and the client is happy with that plan until a better option arrises.

    If you do find yourself in a position to get that part working (minus the clear text) I would be very interested for other clients moving forward.

    Thanks once again for the reply. Have a good day.

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