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    <p>The captcha for this box doesn’t seem to let me type, using text window so forgive any formatting errors</p>

    <p>I haven’t used axcrypt in a while, when I right clicked to encrypt something, it asked me for a password but it doesn’t do anything after that. I can see it in my alt+tab view and also on my taskbar, but when I click it doesn’t do anything … I tried unplugging my laptop from the monitor to see if it was maybe opening off screen but no success.</p>
    <p>In my alt+tab window it shows as 2.1.1234124 … is this considered version 2? I just want to know whether it’s alright I reinstall the version 2 without decrypting, because I can’t remember when I began using AxCrypt, it may have been before version 2 but I can’t decrypt anything at the moment so I’m scared to lose my files.</p>
    <p>anyone else have an issue like this? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.</p>

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    Hello Nick,

    Are you actually saying the version is shown as literally 2.1.1234124 ??

    Uninstalling, reinstalling etc is always ok. What you need to know is the password.

    Always keep updated backups of your files.

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    No I’m sorry, I just didn’t think the rest of the numbers were relevant, it seems to be literally 2.1.1389.0


    I just read at the bottom of the download page that version 1 encryptions would not be able to be accessed on version 2 if it was not previously decrypted before uninstall. So this does not apply to me to confirm?


    Thank you for the quick response!


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    Hello Nick,

    You need to upgrade your software from the download page at , your version is very old.

    Also it’s exactly the other way around – AxCrypt 1 cannot open files encrypted with AxCrypt 2. AxCrypt 2 can open all files, encrypted with AxCrypt 1 and 2.

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