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    The Controlled folder access feature of Windows Defender in Windows 10 is supposed to protect against ransomware, so I have it enabled. In general, when it’s enabled, Microsoft apps are permitted to save and change files, but non-Microsoft apps are not. The latter, however, can be added by navigating to the applicable executable files and selecting them. I’ve done that successfully with a number of my apps. But alone of all of my apps, Axcrypt continues to be prevented by Controlled folder access from accessing files, whether to encrypt or decrypt them, even though I selected the executables in the same manner that I followed in connection with my other apps. In order to continue using Axcrypt, I therefore first have to turn off Controlled folder access.

    The Axantum\Axcrypt folder contains three exe files, and I added all three of them to the apps that Controlled folder access is supposed to allow, so I don’t think I’m overlooking anything there.

    I might add that when I use the Windows search function to look for the location of “axcrypt.exe” on my machine, I get the result “No items match your search,” which is very strange, because the file is sitting right there in C:\Program Files\Axantum\AxCrypt. I don’t know why Search can’t find it there, or whether that inability is at all related to the problem I’m having. I just mention it for whatever it’s worth.

    Does anyone have any idea why I’m having this problem and how to fix it?

    Thanks for any and all help.

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    YES, you can. The new Windows Security feature is great! In fact, it is the reason I went back to Windows Defender.


    Open Windows Defender Security Center. Then choose Virus & Protection. Then select Ransomware protection. Then choose Allow a app through controlled access. Then find where you have Axxcrypt installed and select the exe file for it. And now you should have no problems.


    In a pinch you can turn off Ransomware protection, use Axcrypt,   then turn protection back on. But I think it is safe and easy to enable it in your security.

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    I had no trouble with this. I also only seen one .exe file. If you did a standard install, you should be at C:\Program Files\AxCrypt\AxCrypt. After you select it, it will be in the list of accepted exe files to allow through.

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    I guess I wasn’t clear enough in my original post, because what you suggest is exactly what I did in setting up Controlled folder access. As I stated, I successfully set up a number of my apps to be allowed by the controlled folder access feature. I did it by clicking on Allow a app through controlled access and then navigating to the applicable executables. The problem is that Axcrypt is still denied access by Controlled folder access, although all of the other programs that I set up this way work just fine.

    So my question is why, despite the fact that I went through the prescribed set up procedure, would Controlled folder access prevent Axcrypt from working? I’d appreciate any insight anyone can share on that issue.


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    I’m pretty certain that I set up AxCrypt in the standard manner (it’s not complicated, and I’ve used the program for years, although before now only with Windows 7 and earlier), and there definitely are three executables there: AxCrypt.exe, AxCrypt2Go.exe and AxDecrypt.exe. Whether I select only the first one or all three, Controlled folder access doesn’t allow AxCrypt to access files. The other apps that I set up through “Allow an app through controlled access” work just fine, but in order to use AxCrypt I have to disable the Controlled folder access feature. Since the other apps do work, I’m wondering what it is specifically about AxCrypt leads to the problem I’m having. I’d appreciate any thoughts you have on the subject.


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