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    I consider licensing the Business Version of AxCrypt but need to know whether it is possible to use it in a special way. I tried to find out with testing but am not sure whether I probably made a mistake.

    So here is what I want to do:

    I am using a cloud backup service called Crashplan for Small Business. This service automatically backups all the files in specified folders to the cloud.

    For this, I am backing up the files on my file server with a small software called Yadis!Backup from Codeessantials to an external disk. I want to encrypt the folder on this external disk with AxCrypt and any file that is added later to this folder automatically. Since the backup by Crashplan also works automatically it is no option to encrypt by hand and clicking on the brush icon in the AxCrypt program (as I fear that the software might be faster than I and send up the files unencrypted before I can encrypt them manually).

    So: Is this possible with AxCrypt?

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    Hello Birgit,

    No, we can’t automatically encrypt files in a folder, because it causes problems for many softwares. Also, it’s still a ‘race’ between then backup / synchronization and AxCrypt that we can never *guarantee* to win.

    However Рyou can (probably) configure your backup / synchronization software to only backup files ending with .axx . This will ensure that no unencrypted data ever reaches the cloud. See for details.

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    Hello Svante,

    thank you for your fast reply and for this brilliant hint to use filters! Thank you ever so much! This could solve my problem.

    Kind regards


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