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    One of the users at my company recently changed computers.  He was using AxCrypt on the old computer.  I installed AxCrypt on his new computer but, he was not around, so I entered Password2 as his password.  The problem is he wanted his old Password1.  When, I uninstalled and reinstalled AxCrypt it did not ask me to put in a password.  It was stuck with Password2.  When, I uninstalled I ran CCleaner and cleaned out Windows and Registry but, this did not work.  He can login to AxCrypt with Password2 and then open his files with Password1 but this is not what he wants.  Thank You

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    I’m not sure I follow so I’ll answer the question I think you’re asking.

    • Get him to reset his password to whatever he wants using this site (if he’s happy with his existing password then ignore this step)
    • If he’s got files encrypted under another password then as long as he knows that password then he can decrypt his files
    • Drag and drop all of the files which are encrypted – with the password that he doesn’t want – and decrypt them
    • Now re-encrypt all of the files that you’ve just decrypted (it’ll use the new password by default)

    AxCrypt doesn’t use the Windows Registry to store user passwords; it’s a security risk. AxCrypt retains the password in memory until the user logs out of AxCrypt or restarts his computer.

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    Hello Robert,

    You should ask him to *change* his password to Password1. There is a menu option for that in the program.

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    You should ask him to *change* his password to Password1. There is a menu option for that in the program.

    I think if he did that though it would allow him to use either his old password or his new password which seems to be what he wants to avoid allowing?

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    Hi Tim,

    Nope. Or, rather, it depends on the situation. But here he’s using “Password2” to sign to AxCrypt, while the files are actually encrypted with “Password1”. Resetting will seem to have the same effect in this particular case, while slightly different things are happening beneath the hood.

    It’s not clear how Robert “entered Password2 as his password”, but it might be that there was an upgrade to AxCrypt 2 at the same time.

    In any case, one should always use the *change* password when the current password is known.

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