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    So after some research on the forums, I discovered that simply right clicking the folder I want to encrypt and selecting the encrypt option does nothing for me. I opened AxCrypt and clicked + to add a new file for encryption and navigated to the file I wanted to encrypt with all of its sub-files. This is where I get lost, as there is no “add” or “encrypt” button or anything. Just “open” which opens the file and shows me the sub-files and “cancel”. I’m using ver. 2.1.1547.0 Free.

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    Hello Tom,

    How about reading “Getting Started” on our web site ;-) ? We also have some very short introductory videos. Check out .

    I think your main issue is that you’re trying to select folders, not files. AxCrypt encrypts files, not folders (although of course we do encrypt all files in a folder should you wish to).

    In Windows and most operating systems, a folder is the container that contains files. Only folders have sub-folders (there’s not really anything called sub-files like you are mentioning, so I’m assuming you mean sub-folders).

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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